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Download the latest grip pack. Fits all AR platforms. 

Rifleconnection's newest release of AR15 grip 3d Models that can be 3D printed at home is here. These grips need to made from high-quality materials and are designed to be comfortable and durable. 

To 3D print one of these grips, you will need a 3D printer and some filament. The filament material you choose will depend on your desired properties, such as durability, flexibility, and cost. Once you have chosen a filament, you can download the 3D model of the grips right here from

Once you have downloaded the 3D model, you can slice it using a slicing program. This program will convert the 3D model into a set of instructions that your 3D printer can understand. Once the model has been sliced, you can load the filament into your 3D printer and start printing.

The printing process will take a few hours, depending on the material used and complexity of the grip. Once the printing is complete, you will need to remove the grip from the 3D printer bed and remove any support structures. You may also want to sand and finish the grip to give it a smooth surface.

Once you are finished, you can install the grip on your AR15 lower receiver.'s 3D printed grips are compatible with most AR15 and DPMS .308 lower receivers.

Here are some tips for 3D printing an AR15 grip:

  • Use a high-quality filament.
  • Print the grip at a high infill percentage (80% or higher).
  • Use a support structure to prevent the grip from warping.
  • Post-process the grip by sanding, we even like to shotpeen our grips. If you have not done this to a 3d printed material, it will basically impregnate your pla print with a micro steel shot. We are currently testing the strength increase properties of doing so, so stay tuned and follow along.