Adjustable Weight Buffer System

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Introducing the 3D Printable Adjustable Self-Contained AR Buffer System. This download includes the ultimate solution for fine-tuning your 3D2A Builds. This innovative system allows you to easily adjust the weight of your buffer using stainless steel or brass dowl pins for even more weight!

Simply by adding or removing weights from the internal cavities, you can achieve the perfect balance between recoil mitigation and cycling reliability. This makes the Adjustable 

In addition to its adjustable weight, the Self-Contained AR Buffer System also features a number of other advantages over traditional buffer systems:

  • Reduced noise: The self-contained design eliminates the "twang" sound associated with traditional buffer springs, we recommend you make the shaft out of brass or steel, and end with a polished finish!
  • Smoother operation: The captured buffer spring provides a smoother and more consistent recoil impulse and can be adjusted with heavier weight springs.
  • Increased durability:¬†The enclosed design protects the buffer and spring from dirt and debris, extending their lifespan.

The Adjustable Self-Contained AR Buffer System is the perfect way to optimize the performance of your AR-15 build. With its easy-to-use design and adjustable weight, it's the perfect choice for shooters of all levels.