3D Printing Tips and Tricks

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Recommended for Firearm Frames:

  • Material – PLA+

PLA+ has better overhang properties that leave less stringing on the final print. Print temperature: PLA+ typically has a higher print temperature than PLA. Reflection: PLA+ has a glossy reflection that helps to showcase it better. Strength: Based on a number of videos on YouTube, PLA+ seems harder to break.

  • PLA + Temperature: 210-215 Celcius
  • Infill: 100%
  • Support Type: Tree Supports

Unlike regular supports, a tree support mimics the structure of a tree and encloses the print around its “trunk” with “branches”. The main benefit of using tree supports is that they don't touch the print in as many places as regular supports, so your final print will come out much cleaner.